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Videos for our rotary punching machines

The rotary punching technology is an important advantage for your business. Baust offers you high quality rotary punches to boost your production efficiency by a multiple. In various business units, our rotary punching machines are used. To give you an overview of your options, please watch our videos about our rotary punching machines in various industry sectors.

Rotary punching, 3D

  • Design of a rotary punch
  • Close-up picture of the punching process

Rotary punching machines, packaging industry

  • Stand-alone production unit for caps with positioning hole punching for the packaging machine

Rotary punch KRS with embossing unit

  • Production of cable ducts
  • Punching and embossing

Rotary punches, KRS

  • Manufacturing tile guide rails

BRS rotary punch with spools

  • Manufacturing filters made of aluminium at 100 m/min
  • Stand-alone production unit

BRE rotary punch plug-in unit integrated in the profiling system

  • Integrated rotary punching for mounting rails
  • Production speed of 100 m/min

BRS rotary punch with profiling system

  • Duo rotary punching unit with quick-change magazines
  • Mounting profiles manufactured at 60 m/min

Baust rotary punches

  • An overview of the different applications and machines