Construction - Plastic Industry

Plastic construction profiles can be processed quickly and economically with the rotary punches from Baust. For example, punching machines are used for a great variety of construction profiles such as plaster corner brackets, tile guide rails and accessory profiles for roofs. The machines are integrated directly into the extrusion lines in a space-saving way, or they are used as stand-alone machines with a separate feed for the profiles. High numbers of units of construction profiles can be processed considerably faster with rotary punching technology than with conventional piston-operated punches. In addition, the machines run much quieter and with less vibration. Whenever you plan a project, you should get in touch with us at an early stage.

Rotary punching for construction profiles

  • tile guide rails
  • plaster corner brackets
  • facade profiles
  • leaf protection gratings
  • ventilation profiles
  • space-saving
  • low-noise
  • energy-efficient


Rotary punches, KRS

  • Manufacturing tile guide rails

Construction profile punching: Processing plastic with rotary punches

Punches for plastic are also used in the construction industry. Plastic profiles, such as plaster corner brackets or leaf protection gratings can be processed optimally with Baust roll punches. More than just the result is important: The benefits in the area of profitability and production speed are also quite respectable.

Do you need effective punching machines in construction? Baust Stanztechnologie is the best address for innovative rotary punching processes. Feel free to give us a call or use the contact form for your inquiry.