The KRS series offers numerous benefits to users in the plastic industry. On the one hand there are the high production speeds, but there are also the space-saving construction and considerably lower noise emissions. Baust develops the machines specifically according to the requirements of the plastic industry. Many well-known manufacturers have used rotary punching technology from Baust right from the start.

KRS Series

The rotary punches from Baust for the plastic industry are characterised by their high processing speeds and space-saving construction. The control unit and electronics are integrated in an aluminium base frame in a space-saving way. The rotary punching machine is installed in front of the cutter. The metering wheel registers the speed and the rotary punch is synchronised to the line speed. Through rotary punching technology, rotary punches work quieter and more energy-efficient than conventional hydraulic or pneumatic punching units. Tool and hence product changes can be carried out in just a few minutes. Plastic materials up to a material thickness of 3 mm can be processed much more efficiently with Baust rotary punches.

KRS Extra Features

For more critical applications you may choose KRS Rotary Punches with these extra features:

FX-Drive punches pre-programmed hole patterns with variable pitch
A servo drive, fast PLC and software let you punch holes pre-programmed, variable distances. The various patterns can be stored in “product-recipes” and easily selected by the operator with a fingertip from the terminal. Changing punch sequences is that easy.

Machine vision system to control punch result
A industrial-grade image processing sensor, specific backlight and software detects all holes punched, and checks their size and position with a reference pattern. If a (programmable) set point is not reached, the system generates a warning or stop signal. 


PVC rotary punch toolPVC Corner protection profilewall mounted cable duct hole punchingrotary punch for plastic profiles from extruderPVC rotary punch tool for conduit cable trough cable channelrotary punch for pvc cable trunking racewayrotary punch for plastic profile extrusion linerotary punch for plastic profile extrusion line
PVC rotary punch tool
PVC Corner protection profile
wall mounted cable duct hole punching
rotary punch for plastic profiles from extruder
PVC rotary punch tool for conduit cable trough cable channel
rotary punch for pvc cable trunking raceway
rotary punch for plastic profile extrusion line
rotary punch for plastic profile extrusion line

Rotary punches of the KRS series

You can also use the modern roll punches of the KRS series and optimise your production processes many times over. Punching machines from Baust are among the most efficient of their type in the plastic industry.
They save space and energy and have high production speed.

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