Baust Stanztechnologie in the metal industry

Individual solutions in all areas of punching: sheet metal, steel, stainless steel, aluminium non-ferrous metals

The rotary punching machines of Baust Stanztechnologie provide optimum results in the metal industry. Here, the rotary punching machines operate as independent production units, but they can be easily integrated into existing or new production lines. Baust considers itself to be an expert in all areas of punching. Metal as well as sheet metal, steel, stainless steel, aluminium or non-ferrous metals are processed efficiently.

The benefits of our rotary punching machines in the metal industry

With our rotary punching technology, you can achieve considerable advantages in competition in processing continuous materials compared to conventional piston-operated punching machines. For example, material thicknesses up to 3.0 mm can be rotary punched. High production speeds of up to 200 m/min can be achieved with the technology. This means that rotary punches work up to five times faster when compared to piston-operated punching machines. In addition, there are only low cutting forces in the rotary punching process. Hence, a considerable amount of energy is saved with the shearing cut process. From a production-related perspective, it is very advantageous that with rotary punching technology - in contrast to piston-operated punching - continuous processing is possible in the line. That way the production process is not impeded, rather it keeps pace with the rotary punching.

Characteristic  features of our punching machines

Our rotary punches meet the highest standards and optimise your production process through quality, precision and individually settable solutions.

  • production speeds up to 200 m/min
  • continuous processing
  • low space requirements
  • no special floor foundation necessary
  • no noise protection required
  • fast tooling times
  • low energy consumption
  • Punching metal up to 3mm

Applications of Baust rotary punches

The development of intelligent solutions for different industry sectors was the goal of many years of research work. Today, Baust offers rotary punching machines and punching tools for the following areas: dry construction, construction, electrical, shelving and storage systems, roller shutters and venetian blinds, contract profiles. Our products are beneficial to you in processing continuous materials in connection with the processing speed and efficiency. If you are looking for problem solutions in your industry sector, then please contact us.

Videos of Baust Stanztechnologie: Punching metal

You will get an overview of the different applications and punching machines in our videos. You will see our rotary punches in use and can see their productivity for yourself.


Baust rotary punches

  • An overview of the different applications and machines

We delivery solutions in the area of punching in the metal industry

With its rotary punching machines the metal industry, Baust Stanztechnologie offers exemplary solutions in all areas of the topic of punching. Metals such as sheet metal, steel, stainless steel and aluminium can be processed with rotary punches even up to a material thickness of 3.00 mm.

If you would like to request an individual offer or if you have questions about our punching technology, the Baust team would be happy to advise you. Call us or make use of our contact form for your request.