Contract Profiles

Benefit from our highly-effective punching machines and tools

Flexible punching machines are also required in the area of contract profiles as metal punching is a very important topic in this field. Through the intelligent tool changing systems or easy integration possibilities of the machines, it is possible to exploit the benefits of rotary punching for contract profiles as well. Hence, for example, rotary punching plug-in units can be integrated into the profiling system via quick-release plates, and also removed again as required and replaced by other quick-release plates. The modern control systems from Baust increase the flexibility of the rotary punching machine even more. Utilise the benefits of rotary punching technology and see for your self.

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Rotary punches for L-series contract profiles

  • C-profiles
  • U-profiles
  • Z-profiles
  • perforated contract profiles
  • flexible tool change concepts
  • user-friendly
  • space-saving

Efficient manufacturing of contract profiles - with Baust punching technology

Rotary punches are used in the manufacturing of contract profiles because the process is very flexible. Rotary punching plug-in units can be integrated in existing systems and removed again if need be.

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