Electrics - Sheet Metal Industry

Producing cable ducts, ladders and barrier strips more quickly

Rotary punches are at home anywhere where large numbers of individual products are manufactured. The electric profiles sector is one of biggest application areas for rotary punching. The machines can be integrated directly in the profiling system or installed as stand-alone machines in front of the profiling system. Tool or product changes can be realised in just a few minutes. In the past, Baust supplied a multitude of rotary punching machines to well-known manufacturers worldwide, for example for snap-on mounting rails. The benefits of rotary punching metal, for example production speeds of up to 100 m/min, have won over many manufacturers.

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Rotary punches for E-series electric profiles

  • cable installation systems
  • cable ducts
  • cable ladders
  • barrier strips
  • snap-on mounting rails
  • power rails
  • installation accessories for cable installation systems
  • safe and user-friendly handling
  • optimally used line speeds
  • low-noise and energy-efficient
  • small space requirements


BRE rotary punch plug-in unit integrated in the profiling system

  • Integrated rotary punching for mounting rails
  • Production speed of 100 m/min


Fast processing of electric profiles through metal punches from Baust

The use of Baust rotary punches soon bears fruit in the electrical sector. Electric profiles such as cable ducts, barrier strips and power bars can be produced and processed quickly and with a low amount of noise. Metal punching has never been in such high demand. Many well-known customers use our services for the production of electric profiles.

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