Shelving and Storage Systems

Punching metal for shelf profiles and roller tracks

Continuous punching provides reliability in the punching process for shelving and storage profiles. Since the rotary punching tools are continually in mesh and the material is continually fed through the machine, there is no misalignment in the rows of holes. The tools designed for the respective products can therefore always create the same hole pattern. Another advantage of rotary punching is the shearing cut of the tools. As a result, no investments are necessary in noise protection cubicles or special floor foundations. Shelf brackets as well as roller tracks can be manufactured cost-effectively because of the high production speeds.

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Rotary punching, RL series

  • shelf profiles
  • shelf bracket profiles
  • profiles for roller tracks
  • continuous punching
  • low-noise
  • no investments in noise protection
  • no need for special floor foundations

Metal punching in shelving and storage systems: Baust is the expert

Roll punches from Baust also meet the highest standards in shelving and storage systems as well when it comes to metal punching. Due to continuous channelling of the material through the production process, there is no misalignment of the rows of holes. The low-noise punches are also a tremendous advantage in the production of shelf profiles and shelf bracket profiles.

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