BRC series

Rotary punching machines – without engine, but powerful

Great punching power without motor. The Baust BRC punching unit demonstrate that it’s possible. The C in the name BRC stands for “coil driven punch” and shows the special feature of the punching unit: The BRC is all-mechanic and powered directly by the punched strip that is pulled from the roll forming machine. Its compact design makes the BRC easy to integrate. The uncomplicated punching unit is ideal for the production of thin profiles that don’t need high accuracy. The BRC punching unit is the optimal, cost-efficient tool for producers of plaster corner brackets, mounting strips, lightweight profiles or the like.

Coil-driven punching with the BRC

There is no punch drive required for the new development of Baust. Roll forming lines generate enough pulling power. The accurate construction of the punching unit also contributes to it. An extremely precise set of female/male punching tools act like a sprocket wheel. There is always more than one sprocket engaged. The result: The rotation of the tools transforms the force pulling the web into punching force. The punching without an engine makes the BRC powerful and precise.

The BRC punching unit is suitable for the handling with:

  • Material: aluminium, plastic webs, endless sheet steel strip with a tensile strength up to 350 N/mm²
  • Thickness: 0,2 mm till 0,6 mm
  • Width: max. 80 mm
  • Hole spacing (pitch): max. 12 mm (or more with several rows of holes)
  • Base between holes: at least 4 mm
  • Ovality of round holes: 1 % till 3 % of the diameter, max. 10 %

The BRC punching unit of Baust

Fast, compact, easy to handle. The BRC series is the new development in the sector of rotation punches without an engine. If you are interested in this or another product of the Baust Stanztechnologie, contact us by phone or use the comfortable contact form. We shall be pleased to support you in your rotary punching project.


BRC Stanzeinschub
BRC Stanzeinschub