BRE Series

Rotary punching plug-in units for metal punching

The rotary punching plug-in units of the BRE series are integrated directly into the profiling system. In contrast to the BRS series, the profiling system is responsibly for channelling the material through the rotary punching plug-in unit. The punching plug-in units are integrated in the inlet of the profiling system. Deformation with the respective shaping passes starts directly after punching. The rotary punching plug-in unit has its own servo drive that is synchronised with the profiling system.

BRE line configuration

BRE line configuration

Baust manufactures the machine plug-in units with the corresponding exchange plates in accordance with the requirements of the profiling system manufacturer. Through the integration, there is no need for space that would otherwise be required in front of the profiling system. The punching plug-in units can be integrated into the line as required or removed again. This gives greater flexibility to the line. The safe handling and high processing speeds as well as easy and space-saving integration are just some of the benefits of rotary punching metal.


BRE rotary punch plug-in unit integrated in the profiling system

  • Integrated rotary punching for mounting rails
  • Production speed of 100 m/min


Dry wall Construction profiles electric outletMetal Punch for profile rolling millpunch set for roll forming linepunch set for roll forming linepunch set for roll forming line
Dry wall Construction profiles electric outlet
Metal Punch for profile rolling mill
punch set for roll forming line
punch set for roll forming line
punch set for roll forming line

Metal punching of the BRE series - high-quality rotary punching plug-in units

The rotary punching plug-in unit of the BRE series operates as a material guide into the profiling system and can be integrated into existing systems. The roll punches from Baust are adapted to your company and thereby meet the specific requirements in the production process.

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