BRV series

Punching units for extra fast and precise tool changing

Shorter production runs, less inventory, make-to-order processes - A clear trend in the sheet metal industry which the Baust Stanztechnologie with the BRV series absolutely correlates. The punching units are available as a coil-driven version or a powerful servo drive variation. Both feature an extremely fast and easy tool changing system.

The coil-driven BRV punching unit

The all-mechanic version of the BRV punching unit is powered by the coil. If the users want to chance the coil, a pressurized air cylinder opens the tools wide enough to easily load a new coil while the tools stay synchronized. Tool changing becomes just a matter of minutes. Another great feature of the coil-driven BRV punching unit is the nifty hinge mechanism. It has a special arrangement so the tools permanently stay synchronized. The result: The tools can be easily opened and closed pneumatically even while running at line speeds of 60 m/min and more.

BRV with servo: powerful and easy to handle

The servo driven BRV punching unit also allows a fast tool changing. The integrated square-shaped hub makes it possible. After removing the centering piece and the bolts, the operator can easily slide the punch ring upwards, disengaging the punches from the die ring. Now he can pull the ring towards him from the hub. Another plus: The square-shaped hub always aligns the tool in the perfect position in relation to the die ring. So the time-consuming positioning of the tools is no longer necessary. The servo driven BRV punching unit stays between a de-coiler on the one side and a coiler on the other. So punching productions with about 100 m/min are possible too.

Technical data: BRV punching unit

Width: ca. 370 mm
Depth: ca. 700 mm (coil-driven ), ca. 1100 mm with optional servo drive
Height: ca. 560 mm
Weight:ca. 130 kg
Speed:up to 80 m/min
Air pressure:6 bar
Motor power (option):servo drive 400 V, 50 Hz, max. 3,5 kW or coil-driven / all-mechanic

Products which can be pierced by the BRV

Material: steel, aluminium
Thickness: 0,2 mm – 0,8 mm
Width: 20 – 100 mm
Tensile strength:550 N/mm²
Hole spacing:small enough to catch more than one punch
Tolerance:ISO 2768-1 c

The BRV series of Baust

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BRV tools openBRV Baust rotary punch unit variable tool easy openBRV Stanzeinschub Stempelring
BRV tools open
BRV Baust rotary punch unit variable tool easy open
BRV Stanzeinschub Stempelring