FX Drive

Flexible hole distances in metal punching

The FX Drive gives the BRS series considerably increased flexibility. The intelligent control unit makes programming of hole distances possible and calculates the maximum line speed. The prerequisite for this application is rotary punching tools that have an adequately large interval between the punches. Cylinder drawing units and the material run through the rotary punch at a continuous speed. The punching unit is speeded up or slowed down depending on the programming input. The control unit sends the punching unit a signal when it has to punch and at what intervals. The intervals can be programmed freely on the display if need be.

The control unit calculates the maximum production speed depending on the motor and gear unit design. The flexibility is increased considerably through this intermittent rotary punching, even in applications up to 150 m/min. This process is used for example in the production of stud frame profiles or if parting cuts have to be included.

FX-Drive for BRS Serie


Baust rotary punches

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Greatest flexibility in metal punching

Individual programming of hole spacing: Metal punching reaches a new dimension with the FX-Drive rotary punch. The rotary punching technology used by Baust is applied optimally here, and is an enrichment for many companies in the metal industry.

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