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Tool systems for rotary punching technology by Baust

Baust’s core business is not only the production and sale of rotary punches (as an integrated punching or complete punching system). Just as much Baust-Stanztechnologie offers you a wide range of high-quality punches, dies, cutting and perforation tools featuring precision and best grade materials for clean cuts and long tool life. Baust engineers use advanced CAD software to design bespoke and custom-made tool systems, too. 

Punching tools by Baust

Punching tools by Baust

An OEM supplier to the continuous printing industry for decades Baust offers you a comprehensive product range of punching tools and accessories for more than 30 different press manufacturers:

  • Punches
  • Dies
  • Crimp-lock tools
  • Cutting wheels
  • Perforating wheels
  • Cutting lines
  • Perforating lines
  • Service-parts

Download our „Rotary tools and accessories“catalogue below. The interactive content page makes it easy to quickly find your tool, punch or die.

On top of the standard products featured in the catalogue, we also have a number of special solutions, such as calender / time tear-off corners, embossing of company logos, document security punches, tab cuttings etc. Ask us for your special application.


“Remaliner“ line hole punching

Remaliner Seitenlochwerkzeug

With the rotary punching tool series HM2000, Baust has perfected the so-called “remaliner” principle for file hole punching of forms. Acting as sprockets on a gear wheel, precisely manufactured punches and dies need no extra gear wheels. Sprocket punching stands for extended tool life and high web speeds. For best results, punches and dies are available in HSS, LongLife or special tungsten carbide hard metal grades. Integrated in the printing path, they reliably produce a perfect hole pattern at web speeds of up to several hundred meters per minute. 

More information on using HM2000 tools can be found here!

Punching tools for digital printing, post-print finishing and converting

Baust offers a wide portfolio of tooling systems for various types of print presses. That way, you can link the printing process with the post-print process, such as punching paper, perforating or cutting. Printing and subsequent processing are done in one step. Today, Baust manufactures high speed rotary punch cassettes integrated in single sheet digital print lines for

  • Spiral wiring
  • Plastic binding
  • File hole binding
  • and many more

Tool systems by Baust: consultation and service

You need a specific punching tool for your production? For worldwide local support, Baust has a number of experienced dealers in many countries all around the world. Please check for your nearest dealer here, send us your inquiry using the contact form, or, call us for direct engineering support. Make the expertise of Baust-Stanztechnologie work for you – we are here to support you.