Construction metal industry

Construction profiles can be produced efficiently with rotary punching machines. Especially with high quantities, the technique of rotary punching is inevitable. The immense speed advantage in contrast to hydraulic presses gives you a clear competitive advantage and secures your position in the market. Thus, mounting rails or assembly belts are punched inline with up to 80 m/min and profiled in the profiling line or directly wrapped on coils. The robust machines are characterized by safe handling and user-friendliness. Whenever you plan a project, you should contact us in advance.

Rotary punches for construction profiles:

  • Mounting rails up to 3 mm material thickness
  • “Halfen” rails
  • Assembly Tapes
  • Formwork profiles for concrete
  • Piles
  • Profiles with slip inhibition
  • Robust and safe machines
  • Simple tool or product change
  • High processing speeds

Metal punching machines from Baust can be used in construction in many ways

Not only that our rotary punching machines are extremely robust and have a high processing speed: Rotary punching machines from Baust are particularly versatile in the construction industry. Baust has the right solution.


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